Tamah Vega, Owner

Tamah (tay-muh) uses her problem-solving skills, passion for creativity, and heightened emotional intelligence to help others clarify their vision and bring it to life. She has a natural tendency to coach her clients through their challenges and intuitively works to create an environment best suited for their needs. Since 2004, Tamah has transformed hundreds of homes and offices across the Bay Area, leaving behind a more organized and vibrant environment. Tamah has been published in several magazines, including Family Circle, and her work has been featured on the Oprah show with Peter Walsh.

I LOVE working with others to create a space they will thrive in. I enjoy watching clients become less stressed as we peel back the layers of stuff and seeing their excitement while discovering forgotten treasures. I am grateful to become a part of their life and hear their stories, find solutions to their frustrations, and celebrate their new sense of joy.
— Tamah

Angie Roja,

Project Assistant

Angie recently joined Tamah Vega Design and we haven’t been the same since! Not only does she demonstrate an excellent work ethic, she has a kind nature, a cheerful spirit and a hopeful heart. Angie is creative, patient, and shares her gifts easily with the world, leaving a bit of beauty wherever she goes.